Publication date: October 1, 2018

“CRISTINA ARRIGONI. THE SOUND OF HANDS”<br/>Publication date: October 1, 2018

“CRISTINA ARRIGONI. THE SOUND OF HANDS”<br/>Publication date: October 1, 2018

Cristina can make a photograph anywhere, she finds light even in the dark. I have seen her do it. A dressing room , a back alley , a dark hallway or a bar . Its a true art , to do it this way . No fancy lights or studio is necessary , just a kind heart and soulful vision and understanding of the music and people she is photographing. Cristina is so calm , and almost invisible , until she steps into the light with her warm smile. - Danny Clinch

“Cristina does with her camera what I do with a guitar. She's the Hendrix of photography.” Randy Hansen

"When you do a shoot with Cristina it's like she becomes a member of the band that has been with you for years. She really captures the inner soul of the artist she is shooting." Dennis Greaves, Nine Below Zero

Wall Of Sound Editions is proud to introduce you to Cristina Arrigoni’s work and her first book, The Sound of Hands. It features 60 “hands” photos in colour and B/W of a wide array of musicians, such as Johnny Winter, B.B. King, John Mayall, Jackson Browne, Wille Nile, Albert Lee, Charlie Musselwhite, Donovan, and many others. The book also includes portraits of every musican.

Cristina’s work is highly compelling and emotional. Her soulful vision and understanding of the music she loves and of the people who create it, make for a welcome change from your usual music portraiture. As Elliott Murphy writes in the book, “Her photos always manage to magically capture the true grit of a musician's journey, both on stage and off. There is both a hyper-realism and, at the same time, other-worldly quality to her work that, for me at least, ranks among the very best rock photographers of our time. And what could be more essential then the hands of a player, where we try to make love out of steel."

Cristina is very clear re her goal as a photographer, which is “to discover and shine a light on great unknown musicians all around the world and give them visibility through my images. I want to show something about them that stays forever. I look to find beauty wherever it may be, even in the most distressed situations.”

“Cristina is a visionary who somehow has the ability to bring out the soul and the heroic quality in everything she sees through her uncensored lens. She can make a New York City homeless man look like royalty and the wrapped, beaten hands of a drummer speak volumes about passion and drive and love of life. She has a style all her own and her brilliance and greatness are only matched by the humility and grace with which she carries herself.” Willie Nile


88pp, size 28x28cm, hardback.

TRADE EDITION: 35 Euro, available via wallofsoundgallery.com, Amazon and worldwide distribution.


Cristina Arrigoni has worked as a theatre actress in Milano, Italy, but was also committed to her other passions: writing, painting, sculpting and also photography, fascinated as she was with the famous pioneers of the past century, like Cartier-Bresson, Brassai and Dorothea Lange. Having always been very passionate about blues music, she’s travelled extensively all over the world to photograph concert performances.
She thus developed a unique photographic style and a knack for creative post-production. Very much in love with Dalì and the Surrealists, Cristina has created a highly pictorial and multilayered approach that often pushes her images into the realm of illustration.


Please take note that all of Cristina Arrigoni’s photos are always available as fine art prints, numbered and signed by Cristina Arrigoni. Please enquire emailing us at info@wallofsoundgallery.com.

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